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Spedizione gratuita su tutti gli ordini superiori a 45€

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Alcohol free, Paraben free, Baking Soda free and Aluminum free.
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KIT | Deo Trinity - 3 Deodoranti naturali


KIT | Deo Trinity - 3 Natural Deodorants

3 reviews
Deodorant #1: Original
Deodorant #2: Herbal
Deodorant #3: Fresh

With this trio set you’ll get our best-seller for the best value. Whether you’re looking for a good savings deal or the perfect gift, choose your favorite scents we’ll take charge of the rest.

  • Best-seller Natural Stick Deodorant. Original formula developed by us, with our whole community in mind. Handmade in small batches in Portugal. Alcohol free, Paraben free, and Aluminum free natural deodorant.

    Nine different scents available:

    • Original – Sea Salt & Cocoa
    • Soft – Talcum Powder & Cotton Flower
    • Wood – Sandalwood, Amber & Vanilla
    • Citric – Lemon & Bergamot
    • Herbal – Aloe Vera & Green Tea
    • Floral – Tea Rose & Black Orchid
    • Fruity – Mango & Passion Fruit
    • Neutral (Fragrance Free)
    • Fresh (Maximum Protection) – Eucalyptus & Mint

    Know more about our Natural Deodorants here.


    Clean out any product residue and dispose of tube in the cardboard recycling bin.