How long can I use my bamboo toothbrush?

How long can I use my bamboo toothbrush?

You can use your ecological bamboo toothbrush for as long as your conventional plastic toothbrush.

We endorse Dentists & Hygienists recommendations regarding the duration of your bamboo toothbrush. So you should replace your toothbrush every 2 or 3 months.

Apart from this timeline, it also depends on how often you use your bamboo toothbrush and also how you use it. Some people brush twice a day (morning and before bedtime), others four times a day (i.e. after each meal). Some people brush softly and mindfully, others do it in a hurry and scrub hard on the teeth and gums. Result: the toothbrush bristles get frayed or bent at the drop of a hat.

Both scenarios have an impact on how the bamboo toothbrush looks like. Either way, don’t take your answers as a toothbrush-saving strategy. Because this is definitely not recommended for keeping healthy teeth and gums.

Another important reason to change your toothbrush regularly is to avoid germs and bacteria. Be reminded that when you are sick (with a cold or flu, for instance) or your immune system is weakened you should also get rid of your bamboo toothbrush. This also applies to anyone with whom you are sharing your bathroom, if you are all keeping the toothbrushes side by side.

Taking good care of your bamboo toothbrush is not a means to extend the lifespan of your toothbrush. But it is essential to prevent harboring more bacteria or moldiness.

Be aware that children’s toothbrushes need replacing more frequently than adult toothbrushes. Because often they brush more rigorously. It is important to oversee their tooth brushing routine.

Last but not least, having a subscription model that allows you to choose the recurrent period meeting your needs (2/3/4 months) is indeed a functional way of having a new bamboo toothbrush delivered to your home.

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